Prayer request from Marco Davi Oliveira

4 July 2013

I ask prayers for my mother who is really not well. The doctor said she may have had two brain aneurysms. In addition to being with the principle of Alzheimer’s disease. She has forgotten to eat and become very weak. She is 82 years old.

Please pray for my sister who lives with her, but it works and needs to leave her on her own. My sister goes to work very distressed and anguished because my mother suffered an aneurysm while she was alone.

I have been busy with this situation. Please pray for me and my mom.

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Prayer request from Marco Davi Oliveira

June 2, 2014

Please pray for Marco Davi joining Edwin in Recife, Brazil for Nations2Nations conference this week. Please pray that Marco will make valuable new contacts that will help his work to strengthen the Afro-Brazilian brothers and sisters.

Marco continues to lead ANNEB, but is increasingly focusing on Movimento Negro Evangélico (MNE). Please for their work against racial discrimination and increased racial equality in society as well as the church.

Prayer request from Marco Davi Oliveira

May 20, 2014

Please pray for a new church based ministry initiative pastor Marco Davi is leading called “shooting straight” to build into and accompany at risk youth from the surrounding slum areas where their church is located. Pray for the support they need to continue this ministry long term.

Please pray for Marco Davi and leaders who are meeting to organize a gathering in Rio de Janiero in November to address and reflect on the issues of race, discrimination and reconciliation. We are working to get US civil rights leader and church promoter for justice John Perkins to participate in this important gathering.

Prayer request from Marco Davi Oliveira

February 19, 2014

Praise God for the work Marco is doing in raising awareness in the church in Brazil around racism, discrimination and reconciliation. Give thanks for the passtoral opportunity God has given Marco to restore and renew vision and community in a Baptist church in the neighborhood of Dorotea – there is so much potential in this diverse group of people who are coming to faith in jesus and growing in their understanding of the role of the church in the neighborhood. Pray for Marco’s new Book, “The church of Quotas” can be published and translated, a new grassroots youth focused ministry around the themes of identity, diversity and reconciliation, and increased opportunities for partnerships and church connections.

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May 29, 2013

A ANNEB-DF agora faz parte do conselho da sepír-DF que é uma secretaria para assuntos raciais. Isso é , de fato, um grande avanço para os negros evangelicos do Brasil. Temos ainda muitas lutas e muitos espaços a alcançar, mas esta oportunidade de ter sido escolhidos dinte de várias organizações sociais do Brasil e preecher todos as exigências necessárias foi uma vitória do povo de Deus.

A Deus toda honra e glória.

Prayer request from Marco Davi Oliveira

May 19, 2013

“I was on Friday in a meeting with the General Attorney of the Republic of Brazil working on ideas and campaigns to reduce the number of murders of black youth in Brazil starting with the state of São Paulo.
Soon we will have a meeting with the Secretary of Public Security of the state of São Paulo and the Police Deputy Margarete Barreto who specializes in racial issues and homophobia. After these meetings we will be talking with the leadership of the military and public police.

Pray that we can together with the authorities help to reduce deaths among the black youth in the country.

God bless you.

Marco David “

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