Claude Nikondeha

Claude established Amahoro Africa to support church leaders who believe material transformation is just as much an outworking of Christ's gospel as spiritual transformation.

Through conferences, training and sharing, leaders who were before isolated and discouraged are becoming stronger and better equipped to bring lasting change in their local contexts.


Location: Burundi

Sector: Integral Mission

Year Selected: 2009


Claude is building an innovative ministry to equip, unite and encourage those church leaders across Africa who have a vision to bring material as well as spiritual transformation.

Claude studied journalism in France but now lives and works in his home-country of Burundi. He is married to Kelley and they have two children.


Like many in Africa, Claude grew up in a church where Christianity was all about heaven and had little to say about the war, disease and poverty afflicting local communities.

While studying in France, Claude was exposed to a different kind of theology, and inspired by a God who wants to work through his church to transform life on earth and challenge poverty and injustice.

On his return to Burundi, Claude searched for church leaders who share this vision, often referred to as integral mission. Those he found were isolated - even ridiculed - and ill-equipped to put their beliefs into practice.

To strengthen these church leaders and others like them, Claude established Amahoro Africa.

Through pan-African and national conferences, Claude is bringing together leaders from across Africa, ending their isolation and enabling them to share learning, ideas and resources.

Amahoro Africa also improves leaders' access to training and information in order to expand their thinking and help them serve their communities more effectively.

In addition, as the work has grown Claude has started to invite Western church leaders to join the network. This enables a cross-cultural exchange of learning, sharing and encouragement, significantly strengthening the global movement of integral mission.

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