Claudio Oliver

Claudio is passionate about promoting and facilitating a sustainable way of life which cares for creation, values relationships and brings sustainable development to urban poor communities.

Through workshops, campaigns and business partnerships, as well leading by example on his own urban community garden, Claudio is working to bring about a powerful cultural shift towards sustainability in Brazil.

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Location: Brazil

Sector: Environmental Sustainability

Year Selected: 2012


Claudio has 25 years of experience as an environmentalist, urban farmer and pastor. He is passionate about seeing people live in positive relationships with one another and with creation.

Through his organisation, Casa de Videira (House of Vines), Claudio is raising awareness of our biblical mandate to love and care for one another and God's creation in our daily lives and actions. He is also demonstrating how this way of living is beneficial and accessible to urban poor communities in Brazil.

The unprecedented rate at which we're consuming and wasting resources is unsustainable, and brings with it a multitude of problems for our planet and its inhabitants.

Land, animals and people are being exploited, and our throwaway cultures are producing too much waste. Brazil alone produces 250,000 tons of rubbish every day: just two per cent of this is recycled, and more than 70 per cent of it ends up in landfill sites.

On top of this, the practice of living in community with one another and the creation surrounding us is being lost, as many people become increasingly busy, pressurised and isolated.

Through Casa de Videira, Claudio is promoting and demonstrating an alternative way of life based on responsible consumption, sustainable food production, community living and recycling a massive three tons of waste each month.

To Claudio, this is the obvious outworking of Jesus' commandment to love God and love one another.

As well as living out this approach on his own urban community garden in Curitiba, southern Brazil, Claudio is raising awareness among churches and communities through courses, workshops, campaigns and business partnerships.

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