Ephraim Disi

Rev Ephraim Disi co-founded the ANERELA+ network to support church leaders affected by HIV.

By facilitating a network of pastoral support as well as speaking out publically to improve understanding and challenge stigma, Rev Disi is impacting the lives of individual church leaders and changing whole societies.

Location: Malawi

Sector: HIV / AIDS

Year Selected: 2009

Rev Ephraim Disi leads an initiative to provide pastoral support to church leaders who, like himself, are living with HIV. He is also a powerful public advocate for the need to combat issues such as stigma facing those affected by HIV.

Rev Disi lives in Malawi where he was a Bishop in the Brethren church for many years. His work spans a number of African countries.

Around 40 million people around the world are currently living with HIV. In Malawi, one in 10 people are living with HIV, and many of them struggle to access the treatment and support they need.

Although HIV is one of the major challenges facing Malawi, it is one of many. Poverty is rife and the state is struggling to respond.

Many of those living with HIV in African countries suffer stigma and discrimination, especially those in positions of influence such as church leaders. To support them and to tackle the stigma surrounding HIV, Rev Disi co-founded the ANERELA+ network.

ANERELA+ is an ecumenical network to support religious leaders across Africa who are living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS.

The network oversees around 40 different ministries, all of them aimed at upholding the dignity and rights of people living with HIV.

For religious leaders, Rev Disi is known as ‘a pastor of pastors’ – facilitating a network of support. In addition, Rev Disi speaks publically across Africa on the need to combat challenges surrounding HIV including stigma and silence.

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