Joyce Dube

Joyce has dedicated her whole working life to the causes of human rights and development.

Currently living and working in Zimbabwe, Joyce is bringing about empowerment and sustainable development in poor communities through a church-based approach called Umoja.

Location: Zimbabwe

Sector: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Year Selected: 2009

Joyce is using her knowledge and experience to bring about sustainable development among some of Zimbabwe's poorest communities.

Although she now lives in her home country of Zimbabwe, Joyce spent a number of years as a refugee in South Africa where she did incredible work among women refugees and their families.

Zimbabwe has been in economic decline for more than 30 years, and poverty and unemployment are rife. This together with repression and political wrangling has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people fleeing or emigrating - especially professionals such as doctors and teachers.

As a result of this, communities are under-developed. Many are hopeless and completely reliant on food aid.

Joyce is committed to awakening the potential within churches and communities to turn things around and start to work together to beat crippling poverty.

Joyce believes that a process called Umoja can bring about deep transformation in Zimbabwe. Through Umoja training, churches are inspired and equipped to work with their wider communities to start a process of change.

Gradually, people come to view their resources in a new way, look for innovative solutions to poverty and share resources such as time, land and ideas. Across the world, this approach - which is completely sustainable as it's led by communities themselves - has been proven to work.

By helping churches in Zimbabwe to engage with Umoja, Joyce is bringing about hope and empowerment where it's needed most.

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