Stephen Watiti

For many years, Dr Stephen has dedicated his medical career, his influence and his voice to helping people living with HIV.

Through his work as a doctor, his speaking engagements and his publications, Stephen is working towards a Uganda where there are no new HIV infections, no deaths as a result of AIDS and no discrimination against people living with HIV.

Location: Uganda

Sector: HIV / AIDS

Year Selected: 2008

Stephen is a medical doctor using his skills and influence to bring about transformation for people living with HIV in Uganda and around the world.

Having lived with HIV for more than 20 years, Stephen has first-hand experience of the challenges facing those living with and affected by the virus. He lives in Uganda with his wife Naomi and is an active member of his local church.

HIV and AIDS has had a massive impact in Uganda. An estimated seven per cent of the population are living with HIV and more than one million children have been orphaned as a result of the epidemic.

Despite significant progress, people living with HIV still face stigma and discrimination at the hands of families, communities, those in power and even the church.

Dr Stephen is a passionate activist and advocate on behalf of people living with HIV, and has been working, writing and speaking out for many years to in order to tackle the spread and global impact of HIV and AIDS.

An experienced medical doctor, Stephen has dedicated much of his career to improving care and accessibility of treatment for people living with HIV. His work today focuses on elderly people affected by HIV, an area of much need where little is being done.

Stephen also uses his voice and influence to advocate for change - speaking at conferences and summits internationally as well as publishing books and papers.

Stephen's dream for Uganda is to see no new HIV infections, no deaths as a result of AIDS and no discrimination against people living with HIV, and he continues to work tirelessly to help make this a reality.

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