Sum & Chan

Sum and Chan* run an innovative drugs rehabilitation centre bringing help and hope to young drug users in South East Asia.

By helping young people break free from addiction and access vocational training in order to pursue a stable future, Sum and Chan are bringing transformation among young people, their families and their wider communities. (*Their names have been changed to protect their identity.)

Location: Undisclosed

Sector: Drug Rehab

Year Selected: 2010

Sum and Chan are passionate about providing rehabilitation and empowerment to young drug users who are written off by most of society.

Sum and Chan work in challenging circumstances in South East Asia. Their names have been changed and location withheld to protect their identity.

Drug use is spreading across this South East Asian country, where people already suffer due to poverty and lack of opportunity.

Methamphetamine and heroin use among young people is rife, and this is having a devastating effect on wider families and whole communities.

With little help available for these young people, Sum and Chan have developed an innovative centre to rehabilitate these young addicts and equip them for a better future.

Through their drugs rehabilitation centre, Sum and Chan offer young drug users the chance to break free from addiction through counselling, mentoring and other forms of support.

The centre also provides vocational training so young people leave with the confidence and skills they need to build a stable and positive life as well as benefit their families and wider communities.

Sum and Chan are seeing inspiring results. Their vision is to train others to help drug users in this way, as well as open centres in other parts of the country to ensure all of these young people get the help they desperately need.

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