Tracey Webster

Tracey has founded many initiatives to respond to the orphan crisis in South Africa. Tracey currently heads up the Richard Branson School of Entrepreneurship, as well as being an active member of the Desmond Tutu Fellows which comprises of young emerging leaders across the African continent.

Location: South Africa

Sector: Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Year Selected: 2008

Tracey Webster graduated with a BA Dramatic Art Honours from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1992 and worked as a freelance actress, writer and director. Over the past two decades she has been effectively using the universal art of storytelling through media platforms such as TV, film, print, radio and mobile technology to shift the consciousness of nations around social issues.

Before joining Virgin Unite and the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (an organization which stimulates entrepreneurship and economic growth in South Africa) in August 2011, Tracey was an independent social development consultant who worked on leadership and social change issues. She developed productions on HIV/Aids, child abuse and environmental issues which were performed in schools throughout Southern Africa and, in more recent years, worked with Halogen TV, the US based, socially conscious cable network. A founding member of the Starfish Greathearts Foundation, South Africa, she dedicated 9 years of her life to the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children. During her time as CEO, Starfish supported 22 000 orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa with education, health, food and psycho-social support. Tracey developed global fundraising strategies, awareness campaigns, TV commercials and documentaries to drive awareness, taking the organization from a lean mean fundraising machine, to positioning it as a development focused organization.

Tracey Webster has established that her purpose in life is to be an ear that hears the unheard cries of her continent and to be a voice for the voiceless. She serves as vice chair of the Lonely Road Foundation and as a trustee of Cheesekids for Humanity. She dreams of seeing “The Rise of Africa” unfold – seeing young African leaders standing on a global platform and pioneering creative solutions for the many issues the continent and global community faces. An Archbishop Tutu Fellow, Tracey is committed to profiling the incredible fellows she has journeyed with over the past three years through her active involvement with the New York based organization, ‘Could You?’.

“By highlighting these exceptional individuals on a global platform and demonstrating the positive initiatives that are happening across the continent, I believe a new story will be birthed out of African soil, and this will begin to change the perception of Africa around the globe.” – Tracey Webster


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