Tracey Webster

Tracey is stimulating practical support, hope and empowerment among vulnerable young people in Africa.

For more than 20 years, Tracey has been leading creative initiatives to help children at risk. She is passionate about enabling young people from poor communities to mature into leaders able to catalyse transformation in their communities and across the continent.

Location: South Africa

Sector: Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Year Selected: 2008

Tracey is using her creativity and leadership skills to empower vulnerable young people, cultivate emerging leaders and raise global awareness of issues facing children in Africa.

Having trained in the performing arts, Tracey felt called to the social justice sector to use her talents on behalf of those who are most vulnerable. She is a committed Christian and is based in South Africa.

Too many young people in South Africa and across the continent become stuck in the cycle of poverty at an early age.

Born into disadvantaged and often violent communities, they struggle to complete their education, emerging into adulthood with the belief that nothing good can come of their lives.

As a result, drug use and gang involvement is on the up and the gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing.

Tracey has been working for more than 20 years to raise awareness of this crisis as well as nurture young leaders to grow up and help turn things around for their communities and their continent.

Tracey has pioneered the use of performing arts and creative storytelling to raise awareness of the impact of poverty and injustice on young people in Africa.

Having founded the Starfish Greathearts Foundation, through which 22,000 orphaned and vulnerable children were helped during her leadership, Tracey went on to work at the Richard Branson School of Entrepreneurship and is a member of the Desmond Tutu Fellows. Tracey currently leads the African Leadership Institute.

In all she does, Tracey is passionate about empowering and nurturing young leaders across Africa, especially those from poor communities who she believes hold the key to igniting hope and developing innovative ways to tackle long-standing social problems.



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