Vardan Tadevosyan

Vardan established The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre to bring about rehabilitation and equality for people living with disabilities in Armenia.

Through his work, Vardan improves the physical quality of life of more than 600 people every year, and is working to bring about equality and community integration for many more.

Location: Armenia

Sector: Disability, Healthcare

Year Selected: 2012


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Vardan is one of very few in Armenia to be pioneering the provision of support, rehabilitation and equal rights for people living with disabilities.

Vardan lives and works in the war-torn community of Stepanakert and has more than 20 years of experience in his field of expertise. He is married with two daughters.

The concepts of rehabilitation and community participation of people living with disabilities are relatively new across the former Soviet Union.

As a result, people with mental or physical disabilities are often hidden within institutions or family homes, and rehabilitative care for people affected by stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and so on is minimal.

Vardan has been working for more than 20 years to tackle these gaps in service provision and community care, founding and The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in 1999.

Through his rehabilitation centre, Vardan provides modern and high-quality care for children and adults living with disabilities.

Each year, Vardan and his team treat more than 600 people. In response to the scale of the need, they have plans to expand the centre as well as roll out their work to other parts of Armenia.

Alongside this, Vardan campaigns for equality for people living with disabilities, and is bringing this about through innovative community sports and arts initiatives. He is also working to improve training opportunities for others who want to do similar work.

Through all this, Vardan is working passionately towards incredible systemic and societal transformation for people living with disabilities in Armenia.

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